External evaluation in the social and medico-social sector

STEPS Consulting Social is accredited by the ANESM organization since november 2009.

Accreditation number : H2011-07-776

This accreditation allow us to evaluate social and medico-social organizations and services. For us, this is a recognition of our precedence in the medico-social field of action, but also of our evaluation background gained abroad.

The  methodology suggested by STEPS is supervised by the external evaluation's requirements defined in the decree n°2007-975 of the 15th of may 2007. This specifies the deontological principals, the objectives, the organization and implementation of the evaluation, as well as the presentation and contents of its results.


Our skills and assets:

  • Our evaluators are professionnals trained by a practical experience of social and medico-social field, in France and abroad.
  • To this practival experience, for more than 10 years, they incorporated methodological requirements recommended by international public organizations (United Nations, European Union). They use a golbal, multidimensional methodology, applying various supports (cf "Evaluation abroad"), fitted to the diversity of the situations met.
  • Doctors, specialized educators, nurses, psychologists, directors, social assistants, therapists, constitute our team of evaluators. They have updated and specific knowledge in the social field, because of their professional involvement in organizations and services. They knows your profession and the difficulties you meet. They understand your expectations and the issue of turning a constraint into a positive process.


The law of the 2nd of January 2002 reforming the social and medico-social action instituted the obligation for organizations and services to conduct an external evaluation, at least two years before their authorization's renewal, and within two years following their internal evaluation.

The "HPST" law of the 21th of July 2009 amends this obligation for organizations and services that received their authorizations thereafter, bringing the number of internal and external evaluations to two within the 15 years cycle of authorization.

If you are an organization or service that have conducted your internal evaluation, preparing to the external evaluation, you will have to call for accredited tenders of your choice.

Let us know about your project and your execution time, we will send you a technical and financial proposal complying with the decree's requirements, wich will allow you to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.